20% of hotel bookings in Punjab canceled due to suspension of visa services, NRIs from Canada wanted to come for weddings.

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Chandigarh: Indian authorities have suspended visa services to Canada amid the ongoing India-Canada diplomatic row over the killing of terrorist Hardeep Nijja. Due to which NRIs attending festivals and weddings have now started postponing their visits to India. As a result, the hotel industry of Punjab has also suffered a big blow. According to data, at least 20 percent of hotel bookings in Punjab have been canceled since Canada suspended visa services.

In a statement to The Tribune, Punjab Hotel Association president Satish Arora said that if the situation does not improve, the number of cancellations of hotel bookings will increase in the coming days. He said the hotel industry has already suffered heavy losses due to floods in the state and the dispute between the two countries has increased the likelihood of losses. Arora said hotel business booms during festival and wedding seasons. Depend on NII because they spend more than we expected.

They spend a lot on their family functions and weddings, but now it is uncertain. Arora said NRIs have started postponing their events as no one is ready to take risks amid uncertainty over immigration and visa norms. will also be affected. He said that the government should try to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Media reports quoting the NRI family said they are not going ahead with hotel bookings as they want to clear the situation. They will wait for the next few days and see what the situation is before extending an invitation and making a purchase. Riya, a resident of Ladewali in Jalandhar, told the media that both her sister and brother-in-law are in Vancouver. He has already booked tickets for next month. As the wedding is scheduled to take place on 4th November.

The palace is booked for the wedding. We had to book hotel rooms for the groom’s family and relatives coming from Canada. Riya says he asked us to wait until the situation is clear. Prabhjot Singh Sidhu, owner of a wedding palace, said the situation of palace owners and hoteliers is not good. He said that we have a lot of bookings for NRI weddings in the next few months, mostly from Canada. Concerns have arisen in the family over the matter. I am getting calls from them everyday but no one has canceled the booking till now.

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