A 69-year-old man made a unique record by losing 11 kg in a 21 km run, losing weight in two and a half hours!

You’ve often heard people say that running helps you lose weight. There is nothing wrong or confusing about it. Exercising and running do reduce weight, but have you ever heard of a man who lost 11 kg by running 21 km? Recently, a case was revealed in one of the republics of Russia where an elderly man lost 11 kg (11 kg weight loss in 2.5 hours) while running. However, News18 Hindi has not confirmed whether this claim is true. This is a viral news, which is not confirmed.

The name of 69-year-old Bahama Aygubov, a resident of the Russian Republic of Dagestan, was registered in the Russian Book of Records in 2019. He then ran for 5 hours and claimed to have lost over 9kg. But now the news is that he lost 11 kg in just two and a half hours by running 21 km.

Not recognized by Guinness World Records
The man’s name was not recorded in the Guinness World Records because they do not consider any feat that involves risk of life or bodily harm as a record. Experimenting with rapid weight loss can be fatal. But this pensioner claims he is the fastest person to lose weight in the world.

Individuals are trained athletes
According to a report on the Oddity Central News website, the Bahamas excels in judo, sambo, Greco-Roman freestyle wrestling. During his battle, he learned the art of weight loss very well. He claimed that when he was younger, he could easily lose 17 kg for fights. Losing weight in old age is becoming very difficult, but they are achieving this feat. Nutritionist Oksana Lysenko told the KP.ru website that in order to lose 11 kg of weight in two hours, it is necessary to remove fluid from the body. Undoubtedly, the man is very prepared. A normal person who only sits and never exercises, should not decide to run such a distance without water.

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