A mini robot that kills viruses and bacteria is the wonder of 4 class VIII girls from Bihar

Neeraj Kumar/Begusarai: There is no shortage of talent in the country. There are multiple talents here, who are constantly experimenting with new things. Many of which are successful. Similar success was achieved by the eighth grade girl students of Begusarai. After fighting the virus during the time of covid-19, these kids came up with the idea of ​​making such a device to get rid of these problems.

Atal Tickering Lab with the help of teachers, the dream of these students came true. Also, the coordinator of Atal Tickering Lab said that this device will work to kill viruses and bacteria. This mini robot will prove to be very useful at home or in the hospital. It was prepared by four students. We tell you that ATL was established in the school to develop this device. From where children’s courage can fly.

Idea Bihar is included in the Innovation Challenge
The Bihar Government will organize the Bihar Innovation Challenge competition at the state level on October 4 and 5. It asked startup ideas from all schools in Bihar in the month of August. 25 ideas from Bihar have been accepted for the Innovation Challenge. In continuation of this, Aparna Kumari of Begusarai’s concept of virus killing robot has been adopted. Aparna said that she came up with the idea during the lockdown. After that, after the opening of the school, the information is shared with the Principal Mukesh Kumar. After that, he went to the Atal Tickering lab and with the help of the lab coordinator built this device. It took about 1 year to build this device. Associate student Meenakshi Kumari said that with UV LED light, it will kill bacteria and viruses at about 400 nanometers.

If hit by a bump will change its direction
The students who made the robot said, this mini robot is made in such a way that it can go anywhere. It is also easy to operate. After collision with any object, the robot turns towards it with the help of auto sense. A student said, a mini robot has been made by combining various parts including IR sensor and servo motor. The device was jointly developed by four students of a private school in Begusarai, Aparna Kumari, Meenakshi Kumari, Shruti Suman and Ananya Arya. Now Bihar will demonstrate this in the startup policy.


First Published: September 22, 2023, 16:00 IST

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