Actor who met Rekha used to be a ‘bully’ in real life, one scolding changed his fortune, he is famous Bollywood villain

New Delhi, actor Kiran Kumar, seen in films like Tejaab, Khuda Gowah, ‘Khudgarj’, needs no introduction today. He has played many roles in the industry, which are still alive in people’s minds. He has proved his acting skills in both movies and TV. Kiran Kumar got his first break in the world of acting only because of fights.

Kiran Kumar has played both positive and negative roles in his acting career. But the recognition he got in the industry by playing a villain is not in a positive role. Few people know that Kiran Kumar used to bully in real life. Once, he got a chance to work in the industry during such a fight. The makers are so happy with the work of hero Kiran Kumar that the love of the audience has made him the villain of Bollywood.

The 1967 big hit, the actress removed the poster of the film before its release because it was hard to believe after hearing it.

Dropped out of college due to bullying
On his way back from boarding school, his father Jeevan Kumar introduced him to Shatrughan Sinha. Kiran told him a lot about his interest in acting and Shatrughan Sinha advised him to join FTII. At that time, the students of the guidance department clashed with the students of the in-charge department and the matter escalated to such an extent that it turned into a fight. The matter gained momentum and reached the police, following which four students, including Kiran Kumar, were expelled from the college.

Shilpa Shetty’s onscreen father is known as a villain

Fate glowed with a rebuke
When the college management did this, Kiran Kumar and his friends went on strike and the college remained closed for about 45 days. Renowned filmmaker Khawaja Ahmed Abbas was also a part of the committee formed to settle the dispute. As soon as he saw Kiran Kumar, he called him and scolded him a lot and said you are the son of such a respected father and bully, what else. After that he called Kiran to meet him the next day and offered him the role of an engineer in the film ‘Do Bund Pani’.

We tell you that due to a reprimand, Kiran Kumar’s fortune improved so much that he was able to establish his roots in the industry. After that there was no looking back and made his identity through various roles in films.

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