After 3 months Deepika Kakkar-Shoaib Ibrahim revealed their son’s face, people said- it’s Saba’s copy…

New Delhi. TV actress Deepika Kakkar popularly known as Simar in Ghar Ghar recently became a mother. After becoming a mother, she spends all her time with her son. Shoaib Ibrahim became a father on June 21. While sharing this good news with the fans, the family did not reveal the name of their son Ruhan. As soon as Ruhan turned three months old, he shared the first glimpse of his son with his family and fans.

Deepika Kakkar and Shoaib were desperate to catch a glimpse of Ibrahim’s son. Now recently the couple revealed their son’s face and shared a cute picture with fans.

Deepika Kakkar became a mother on June 21
In fact, Deepika Kakkar had a pre-mature delivery on June 21 and gave birth to a boy. Her son was kept in the NICU for a long time due to pre-mature delivery. After spending more than two weeks in the hospital, the couple arrived home with the baby, where they received a warm welcome. Deepika and Shoaib both mention their son in their vlogs, but don’t show his face. Finally, before the completion of three months, both of them revealed the face of their son Ruhan.

The photo was shared by Shoaib Ibrahim
Shoaib Ibrahim shared a photo. Both are seen kissing their sweethearts in the picture. Along with the picture, Shoaib wrote – ‘Introducing our ‘Ruhan’ to all of you. Keep me in your prayers.

Shoaib Ibrahim shared this picture on social media.

People say who Deepika’s lover has gone to
Seeing Deepika and Shoaib’s son Ruhan, fans as well as their friends are showering lots of love. Commenting on the picture, one user wrote – ‘Ruhan looks like his aunt and grandmother’. Another wrote – ‘It must have gone to Deepika’. Another wrote – It is a copy of Bua Saba.

What does Ruhan mean?
We tell you that Deepika Kakkar told her vlog why she named her son Ruhan. The actress said that she had finalized two names before the birth of her son. One for a boy and one for a girl. Ruhan means ‘compassionate, spiritual’.

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