After quitting his private job and starting farming, he earned more than 2 lakh rupees in just three months

Jitendra Kumar Jha/Lakhisarai. Farmers in Bihar have started growing vegetables on a large scale. Due to this farmers are also earning good income in less time. Farmers of Lakshisrai district have also started vegetable cultivation on a large scale. Farmers are making good profit by growing different types of vegetables. Farmer Loha Singh of Kheri village is also cultivating Kaita i.e. Chichinda in one bigha. In a very short time two quintals of kaita are being produced every second day and fetching good prices in the market.

Farmer Loha Singh said that in the first 15 years, he worked in different companies in different cities of the country but could not make a living. The pay was low and the work had to be done more. After much discussion it was decided to go back to the village. He came to the village and started cultivating vegetables. He has been cultivating only vegetables for the past two years. At present, Kaita i.e. Chichinda is cultivated in one bigha. He said that there is a tendency to plant vegetables in Rohini Nakshatra in this area. So Kaita was placed in this constellation. Its specialty is that vegetables are ready in just two and a half to three months. Loha Singh said that the price of one bigha is 50 thousand rupees. Kita yield is also abundant.

He earned two lakh taka in just three months by cultivating kaita
Loha Singh said that he has been cultivating kaita for the last two years. At present, one and a half to two quintals of kaita are being produced every two days. In the last three months alone, more than two lakhs of profit has been made. But now the kaita is also bearing fruit in the fields. He said, Chichinda contains a lot of protein and minerals. So its demand is high in the market. He said that he earns more than 5 lakh rupees a year by cultivating vegetables.


First Published: Sep 22, 2023, 15:18 IST

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