Amazing! Every year the Lord is increasing in size in this temple, know the faith

Vikas Pandey/Satna. There is a unique temple of Raja Baba built amidst the dense forest of Parasmania, where the idol grows in size every year. The statue, which once looked like a coconut, is now more than 5 feet tall. It is believed that when a king bows before Baba, all his wishes are fulfilled. This place is the main center of belief of the people of Parasmania and surrounding areas. Where Raja Baba fulfills everyone’s desires, let us know the mythological beliefs related to the central point of faith.

A few years ago a woman went to Parasmania Hills to graze cows. Where he saw a stone like a Shilavatta in a cow-grazing place. The woman picked up the stone to make a net and brought it down from the mountain and put the stone in one place to rest, but when she tried to pick it up again, she could not move the stone. The woman was amazed and at the same time something happened, due to which she felt the divine power in the stone. Rajababa is the king of Parasmania plateau. It is believed that he protects all people, whoever bows before him and makes a wish, he fulfills it.

Predators nod
The forests of Parsmania are very dense. Fierce animals like tigers, leopards, wolves, bears, wild boars live here, but these animals are also calm and comfortable in front of the Rajababa temple and do not harm people, but the attackers stay outside the temple. The special thing is that these animals also bow down to the Father.

How to go to Rajababa Mandir
This temple is situated in dense forest on the famous plateau of Parasamnia, 35 km from Satna district headquarters, which falls in Unchera tehsil. You will feel connected with nature after coming here. The amazing view of trees, plants, rivers, waterfalls and mountains here will drive you crazy.

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