Another huge Shiva temple will be built at the Mahakala temple, ruins found during excavations

Report by Ajay Kumar Patwa

Ujjain. Another one at the Mahakal temple complex in Ujjain Shiva Temple will form This will be the same temple whose ruins were excavated last year during the Mahakal public works. The temple is thousand years old. The construction of the temple will now begin which is expected to take a year.

Excavations during the construction work of Mahakala Loka at the Mahakaleshwar Temple revealed the remains of an ancient temple. It is estimated to be more than two thousand years old. Now under the supervision of experts from the Department of Archaeology, the construction of the temple will begin in the next few days when the rains stop. The construction of the temple may take six months to a year. A glimpse of an ancient temple can also be seen at Mahakal Mandir. The construction of the temple is estimated to cost Rs 65 lakh.

A Shiva temple was discovered during excavations
In 2021, 25 to 30 feet was excavated for the construction work of Mahakal Loka at Ujjain Baba Mahakaleshwar Temple. At that time the ruins of the old temple were discovered in the courtyard of the Mahakala temple. A few days later, a large Shivalinga was also found. After receiving the information, excavations were conducted here under the direction of Dr. Dhrubendra Jodha, Research Officer, Department of Archaeology, Madhya Pradesh.

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Work completed in 6 months
The structure will be moved to the base of the Mahakala temple and cleared to build a new temple in place of the old one. Then we will start construction. The construction of the temple will depend on the availability of stone. Parts that are in short supply will take time to manufacture. It is estimated that 90 percent of the stone is found here. So it is assumed that the work will be completed within 6 months. Experts will report to the Department daily during construction.

About 37 feet tall, this temple will take on a mythical form. Devotees coming to Sri Mahakaleshwar Temple will get to know the mythological history of this ancient temple. However, after the construction of the temple, the archeology department will hand over the temple to the committee.

A large Shiva linga was found in the excavation
Dr. Ramesh Yadav, official of Ujjain Archeology Department in Bhopal, said – During the excavation, the foundation of the temple, ancient Shiva Linga, Nandi, Ganesh, Ma Chamunda, Shardul idols were found. Apart from this, heavy carrying vessels made during the Shunga, Kushan, Maurya and Parma periods and two thousand years old earthenware were also found. The department started classifying the remains of pillars, kumbhabhagas, amlakas etc. found at this site. After that, the department also counted these archaeological remains. So that during construction, the part can be installed where it is. The archeology department will now start the construction of the temple by connecting the parts from the core to the peak.

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