Ants bit a woman’s leg, then she did something like this… She got instant relief

Meerut. A woman from Meerut, UP had a strange disease. The woman said it felt like hundreds of ants were biting her legs and the pain was so severe that even walking became difficult. When this woman went to the doctor with her problem, she was given medicine after medicine but the problem could not be solved. Finally the woman resorted to innovative surgery on the doctor’s advice and got rid of this terrible problem. A 65-year-old female patient seems to have a new lease of life after a novel surgery.

Doctors at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Patparganj successfully treated a 65-year-old patient from Meerut. This female patient suffered from severe back pain, making it difficult to walk without assistance. He underwent successful surgery using neuro navigation technology. Dr. Amitabh Goyal, Senior Director of Neuro and Spinal Surgery informed the public about the success of this case. This time he was accompanied by Bala Jain, whose life became easier.

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Dr Amitabh Goyal, senior director of Neuro and Spinal Surgery, said, “When the patient was brought in, he was suffering from severe pain in lower limbs and back due to which it was difficult for him to move. He was thoroughly examined through MRI and X-rays, which revealed that the patient’s lower back nerves were compressed, due to which he suffered from pain and was unable to perform his daily activities. Decompression and fusion surgery was immediately performed on the patient.

However, there is a risk of radiation exposure through the C-arm due to placement of pedicle screws in the lower back during the procedure. But with the latest technology of neuro-navigation the screws are placed with absolute precision. The surgery was successfully completed in a short period of time and the patient recovered quickly without any post-operative complications.”

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Bala Jain recovered very quickly after the surgery and was able to walk within 24 hours. Gradually he began to be active in regular activities and began to bend forward, which showed that the effect of the surgery was positive. Follow-up tests were performed via X-ray, which showed excellent results and indicated strong screw placement. Later his leg became completely pain free and now he is active in his work on his own.

Dr. Goyal further said, “This procedure is a safe surgery for people suffering from various types of spine diseases irrespective of age. With the advancement of technology and science, such procedures have recently become safer, faster and less painful for patients. Advances in neuroscience and various surgical procedures have completely changed the treatment of even complex spinal diseases.

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