Atul Raghav, who received the National Social Pride Award, said self-discipline is important in life

Vishal Jha/Ghaziabad: Atul Raghab from Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad has not had an easy journey from player to coach. After bravely facing many challenges, Atul is today an international level taekwondo player and a national level referee.

On the one hand, Atul has inculcated the spirit of sportsmanship among many children in the district, and on the other hand has also connected the youth with cleanliness. Apart from being a player, Atul Raghav is also the cleanliness brand ambassador of Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation. Atul was also honored for his work towards cleanliness.

Respect for the spirit of sportsmanship and cleanliness
Talking to News 18 Local, Atul Raghav said that I received the Social National Pride Award. Very happy after receiving it. The Ministry of Social Justice and Women Empowerment gave me this award because besides raising awareness of sports, I am making people aware about cleanliness.

Self-discipline is important in life and sports
I credit my parents for bringing me here. Sports is a medium through which you can spread awareness very easily. Because you become an icon when you win a medal. In such a situation, whenever the society has to meet people, cleanliness can be said. Besides, self-discipline is important in any sport, be it taekwondo or cricket. Because of which it also affects human behavior. Started as a taekwondo player in 2016. The competition started from 2017 and then the journey reached international level. Now I am also working as a national level referee.

A look at achievement
District Level Gold Medal 2018, State Level Gold Medal 2018, National Level Gold Medal 2018, District Level Gold Medal 2019, State Level Gold Medal 2019, Open UP Silver Medal 2019, Open National Gold Medal 2019, Best Taekwondo Player 20 Number Award Prime Minister National Child Award 2020.

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