Beware, female students learning martial arts, bullying can be deadly

Bhaskar Tagore/Sitamarhi: Students of Kasturba Gandhi Residential Girls’ School located in Sutihara village of the district have seen a changed face. Girls here are learning self defense in a disciplined manner. Girls are empowering themselves to fight miscreants. For this they are given special training. Physical trainer appointed for the training, Sunil Kumar, said the girls are being prepared for self-defence. Students of Kasturba Gandhi Residential Girls School are being given 36 days of martial arts training. Through this, girls will not only be empowered but also able to protect themselves as well as help others.

Physical trainer Sunil Kumar said the objective behind the 36-day martial arts training is to empower girl students to defend themselves. He said that sports and various activities are important for children. He said that earlier this kind of work was done only by children of private schools, but now even children studying in government schools can do it, if the school teachers give proper attention. He said that the students of this school are showing great interest in learning self-defense techniques. He said that all the students will be trained within a month. Apart from warm-up, running, stretching, jumping, mock drills are being conducted at security points for girl students.

Self defense training is very important for girl students.
School teacher Sangeeta Kumari said that this training is being given in the light of the letter issued by the education department. Education, safety, empowerment and self-reliance are very important for girl students. Self defense training is very important for girl students nowadays. All students are regularly taught self defense skills. He said, these students will be given all facilities from the government. Physical trainer Sunil Kumar said that girls are being trained in punch, single hand grip, chin punch, face-chest attack, Thai defense, neck attack, elbow attack, chest kick etc. The interest of girl students is making the training successful. He said such training should be given regularly in schools.

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