Bihar: Bihar’s 4 lakh employed teachers will meet their demands, state employee status ahead of Durga Puja

Patna. The dream of nearly 4 lakh working teachers in Bihar is going to be fulfilled soon. The Nitish government has now completed preparations to give the status of government employees to the recruited teachers. Sources say that the government is going to give the status of government employees to the teachers working before Durga Puja in October, while the internal committee has submitted a report in this regard, now only the approval of the cabinet is awaited. .

However, the most important aspect is the meeting where it will be decided whether the government will give the status of state employees through departmental examination of the working teachers of the state or they will give the status directly without taking any test. CM Nitish himself expressed his desire from Gandhi Maidan on August 15 and said that he is going to do better for the employed teachers as the Bihar government is not going to compromise on quality education and after that the internal committee will start preparing the report. In this regard, the Chief Minister met ACS KK Pathak of Education Department four times at his residence and directed to prepare a report and submit it soon.

Now all the preparations are done. There will only be a final meeting regarding the examination, after which the file will go directly to the cabinet and then the government will approve the state employee status. As it was a big challenge for the government that it was a matter related to many departments and the problem in giving the status of government employees to the appointed teachers was that they were recruited through different recruitment units. As a rule, the planning units from which they come are legally responsible for making decisions about them. His appointment as a state servant requires legal advice and the permission of the state cabinet.

In such a situation, the government has also taken legal advice and now there are no major hurdles, sources say. The government had earlier decided to give state employee status to teachers recruited through the BPSC exam, but this was opposed by teachers’ unions and leaders of Left parties in the Grand Alliance, followed by the Nitish government. called a grand coalition meeting and hinted that he would soon be given the status of a civil servant.

Meanwhile, in BPSC more than 1 lakh 70 thousand posts are in process of reinstatement and out of which 63 thousand recruited teachers have passed the exam and will get civil servant status only based on BPSC, while now the government is going to give a gift to the rest. Sources here also say that the scale of 4 lakh posted teachers will also be the same as the scale of BPSC teachers. Recently, Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Modi challenged the government saying that the government will not be able to manage the salaries. He said that since the central government provides only token assistance in the salary item, the state government will have to make an additional provision of Rs 11,000 crore for recruitment of new teachers and Rs 5,000 thousand crore for upgradation of state employees. Employed teachers, which are in the government’s own funds, are not a matter of strength.

CM Nitish plans to complete the system from the state’s side and is now going to grant state employee status in October itself. The tenured teachers union had been fighting for respectability and now, in a way, they were about to score a major victory.

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