Bihar: The education secretary got angry after seeing the condition of the school, he said – he will kill 10, then he will say that it has rained.

Gulshan Kashyap/Jamui. Education Department Principal Secretary KK Pathak is constantly striving to improve the education system. Following this, Chief Secretary Pathak reached Jamui on Friday. During this time he is seen in a different avatar. In one school, he asked the school principal to apologize after an irregularity. But he started making an excuse of rain. After that the secretary got angry. After that he said that he will kill ten in the rain then said sir it is raining.

In fact, Additional Chief Secretary of Education Department KK Pathak has been visiting all the schools in Jamui district since Friday morning. At that time he first reached Gidhaur block of the district. Where he continuously visited many schools and reached Mahuligarh Upgraded Middle School. KK Pathak was enraged by the presence of the children in the school and the way they were sitting and reprimanded the principal of the school, Prakash Tanti.

The secretary scolded him for using the rain as an excuse.
In fact, when Principal Secretary of the Education Department KK Pathak arrived at the upgraded middle school in Mahuligarh to visit the school, the Education Secretary was irked by the three classes running in the same room. The whole matter is related to the school building. This school used to have three classes later it was upgraded to three more classes. Where classes from 1st to 8th are taught. But the education secretary visited and found that three rooms in the newly constructed building were locked and three rooms in the old building were being taught to children from classes 1 to 8.

Teacher’s excuse
He then called the principal of the school, Prakash Tanti, to find out the reason. The head of the school said, “Sir, the teachers could not be present today due to the rain and the children also came to work.” Because of this, children are being taught in the same class. In this, the teacher scolded the additional chief education secretary and said to the head of the school that he is making an excuse of rain, what will he do, he will kill ten people and then he says, sir, what will he do? It was raining. After that he directed DM Avnish Kumar Singh to take action.

KK Pathak stood with his hands folded in front of the teacher
In the same school, the additional chief education secretary tried to talk to the school principal about the condition of the school. Then he continued to answer in a round mouth. After some time, not satisfied with the teacher’s answer, he sat down in front of the headmaster with folded hands. He said, how many teachers are there in the school today for four teachers. Then the head of the school also folded his hands in front of him. The Additional Chief Education Secretary was seen in a very strict mood during the inspection and he thoroughly inspected the toilets, kitchen, classrooms and all other rooms of the school.

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