Black-green grapes here in Rajasthan… Dates from Dubai, 16,000 varieties of trees and plants

Dhiraj Shankhala/Sirohi: The Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Institution located on Abu Road in the district has a garden with various varieties of plants. 16,000 varieties of plants, trees, herbs, shade trees, fruits, flowers and seasonal vegetables have been planted in this garden named Tapobana of Brahmakumari Ishwari Sansthan.

Spread over 90 acres, this garden is called Tapoban. Farming here is traditionally done in organic and compound form, whereas today people abandon their traditions and use many types of chemicals like urea, potash etc., whereas no chemicals are used during Tapobane farming.

All kinds of vegetables and fruits are cultivated in Tapoban. Different varieties of mangoes from different states of India are grown here. Dubai’s famous date palms can also be found here. In Rajasthan, where it was not possible to grow grapes, it has been cultivated on 4 acres of land. Both black and green grapes have been grown here for 10 years.

Organic farming training
Patron of Tapoban said, here people are also trained in complete organic farming. People from home and abroad, people from agricultural university come here to learn about organic farming. Farmer Training Center is conducted at Green Hall located here, where 3 days training is conducted. Various methods of organic farming are studied in this training, explained in practical and theoretical form.

There are 35 cows in the cow shed
It also states that no chemicals are sprayed on crops. If there is any cut in the crop, it is treated by spraying different types of herbs, cow urine and oil. The institute also has a cow shed, which houses about 30-35 cows. From these cow dung and urine, a fertilizer called Jivamrit is prepared in the cowshed, which is then applied to these crops.

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