China did not give visa to three players of Arunachal, India strongly protested

New Delhi: China has denied visas to three players from Arunachal Pradesh who are going to participate in the Asian Games. These three women players were part of the Indian Wushu team. India strongly objected to this move by China. The Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement saying that Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of India and denial of visas to our players shows Beijing’s stubbornness. External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said, ‘The Government of India is aware that the Chinese authorities have targeted and premeditatedly denied recognition and entry to the 19th Asian Games to certain Indian athletes from the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Hangzhou, China. By doing this they have been discriminated against.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs protested China’s actions
He further said, ‘In line with our long-standing and consistent position, India strongly rejects discrimination against Indian citizens on grounds of residence or caste. Arunachal Pradesh was, is and will remain an integral and integral part of India. A case has been filed in New Delhi and Beijing against China’s deliberate and selective obstruction of some of our players. “China’s actions violate both the spirit of the Asian Games and the rules governing their conduct, which expressly prohibit discrimination against competitors from member nations.”

All three women players stayed in Delhi
Additionally, in protest at the Chinese move, Indian Sports Minister Anurag Thakur canceled his scheduled visit to Hangzhou for the Asian Games. All three players had to stay in New Delhi as China refused to issue visas. On the other hand, the remaining players of the Indian Wushu team have left for Hangzhou. We inform you that the Wushu competition will be held at the Asian Games from 24 to 28 September. The three players who will not be going to Hangzhou include Neiman Wangsu, Onit Tega and Mapung Lamgu.

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All three players could not download the travel document
Let us tell you that these three athletes received recognition cards from the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee (HAGOC), which also act as visas, to participate in these games. After that, these three players had to download their travel documents. On Wednesday night, the Indian Wushu team was scheduled to arrive in Hangzhou from New Delhi via Hong Kong. But when the team reached Delhi airport, the three players could not download the documents and had to stay in Delhi.

Again China has given staple visa to these three players
We are informed that Wangsu, Tega and Lamgu were granted ‘stapled visas’ to participate in the World University Games in Chengdu in July, after which the 12-member unit was supposed to travel to China for the event which was cancelled. A source said, “He has not received approval to enter China. We, at the federation, could not download their accreditation cards for the Games, while the rest of the team could download their accreditation cards without any problem.’

A Hindustan Times report quoted an official as saying that once a player receives the recognition card, it means the player has been cleared to travel to the Asian Games. In early July, Naiman Wangsu, Oneil Tega and Maypur Lamgu were going to participate in the University Games in China. But the Chinese authorities have issued a stapled visa. The Chinese government has been issuing major visas to citizens residing in Arunachal Pradesh, India since 2009.

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