Cough sounds can be helpful in identifying the severity of covid.

New Delhi. Analysis of cough sounds may soon identify the severity of infection in patients with Covid-19, researchers say. A research team led by the Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) in Barcelona, ​​Spain, observed differences in cough sounds depending on the severity of the respiratory condition.

He said in his study published in the ‘European Respiratory Journal Open Research’ that the results suggest that cough testing can help categorize the infection in Covid patients into mild, moderate or severe. For the study, the cough sounds of 70 patients with SARS-CoV2 infection were recorded on smartphones during the first 24 hours of hospitalization.

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Study co-author and IBEC principal investigator Ramon Jane said that in previous studies, cough acoustics were used to detect respiratory diseases and cough sounds were analyzed. According to him, the study “specifically investigated the relationship between the severity of pneumonia and the sound of cough in Covid-19 patients.” He said that cough analysis serves two purposes – early detection of Covid. Detection and remote monitoring. About the spread of infection.

Joachim Gia, senior co-author of the study and researcher at Hospital Del Mar, said the method could prove effective in identifying and isolating Covid patients in emergency situations and in areas with limited medical infrastructure.

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