Dhanbad’s ‘Ratnesh’ does not see itself, but gives wings to children’s dreams

Mohammad Ikram/Dhanbad: Teachers are ordinary but play an extraordinary role in society. One such extraordinary teacher is setting an extraordinary example for the entire teaching community with her extraordinary talent at BSS Girls High School, Dhanbad. Although Ratnesh cannot see it with his own eyes, he is lighting the flame of golden future in hundreds of eyes.

Ratnesh Kumar, who considers education as the vision and oxygen of life, holds a double MA in B. Ed and M.Ed degrees as well. Currently teaching in BSS Women’s High School as well as doing Ph.D. Ratnesh ‘Sir’, who aspired to become an IPS, did his schooling from the Blind School located in Jagjivan Nagar. He matriculated from district school.

Wife is also doing Ph.D

He studied Intermediate from RSP College, Jharia. MA from PK Rai College. Did B.Ed and M.Ed from JRCHU. They got married in Mathura in 2018. Has a four year old son. Wife is also doing PhD like husband Ratnesh. Earlier, Ratnesh taught for four years in the same school for the blind where he studied. He then trained BED students at Ram Krishna College of Education, Bagodar. Teaching in BSS Girls High School since 2021.

Ratnesh has a special art of teaching

Like Ratnesh’s extraordinary personality, his teaching style is also unique. Student Pooja Kumari said, seeing Ratnesh sir, her enthusiasm for studies increased. Ratnesh sir’s instructions are also effective. The complexity of the subject is made so simple and easy that students look forward to their classes. Inspired by student Ratneshwar, Pooja Kumari wants to become an engineer by doing computer science engineering.

Class 10 student Anushka Priya said, when Ratnesh sir teaches, she never realizes that she is blind. He teaches very well and also makes us write. We ask topic based questions and sir explains us in such a way that we can understand easily. Study history and civics.

Anjula Gupta, in-charge principal of the school said, Ratnesh is a source of inspiration for students, teachers and society because of his dedication to education. The entire teaching community and school management are proud of Ratna Ratnesh of education.

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