Do you eat dry fruits with tea? Stomach will balloon, within few days these diseases will be…

Can we eat dry fruits with tea: Tea has become a staple drink in most homes in India. A relative has come home, be it a big event, private or official, breakfast at home in the morning, or light breakfast in the evening, tea is common among all. The benefits of tea are that it relieves fatigue and gives instant energy, but people also know some of its disadvantages, that’s why many people eat dry fruits and nuts with tea to make it healthy. They think that the benefits of both will reach the body by eating dry fruits with tea, but let us tell you that it is better not to make such a mistake.

You will be surprised to know that by consuming dry fruits with tea, you are not only taking away the bad stuff from the tea but you are also playing with the nutritional value of the dry fruits. Eating dry fruits with tea prevents nutrients from reaching the body, on the contrary invites various diseases.

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From Delhi Aarti Singhal, Assistant Dietitian, GTB Hospital It is said that most of the people of the country drink tea with milk not only at home but also at office, family function or anywhere. Along with this, dry fruits such as cashew nuts, almonds, fried breadcrumbs and raisins are taken at home, but this practice is dangerous.

Why dry fruits should not be consumed with tea
Aarti says that tea contains the highest amount of tannins. Its main function is to prevent iron from reaching the body. Whereas most nuts or dry fruits are rich in iron. Almonds are especially rich in iron. Iron is very important for our body because the blood supply in the body is due to iron. In such a situation, if one eats nuts and dry fruits like almonds etc. with tea, then no benefit of eating them reaches the body. The benefits of dried fruit are canceled due to tannins.

Can dry fruits be eaten with black tea or herbal tea?
According to a study in the British Journal of Nutrition, tea containing tannins inhibits the absorption of iron in the body. Black tea is the most disruptive. However, addition of milk has no significant effect on tannins. Still, black tea inhibited iron availability by 79 to 94 percent, peppermint tea by 84 percent, pennyroyal tea by 73 percent, cocoa by 71 percent, lemon blossom tea by 52 percent, and chamomile tea by 47 percent. In such a situation, it is not right to say that eating iron-rich dry fruits or nuts with them will not be beneficial. But herbal teas are claimed to contain no tannins or caffeine. So nuts can be eaten with it.

The stomach may balloon
Consuming dry fruits with tea can also give some direct results. This combination can be dangerous for your stomach. It can cause gas and bloating. If you don’t take it immediately after eating, it can cause acidity, loss of appetite, digestive problems, etc. after a while.

These can be diseases
Apart from this, due to increased amount of tannin in the body and deficiency of iron, the body is prepared for many diseases that may occur in the future. After doing this for a long time it can cause fatigue, shortness of breath, paleness of body or face, symptoms of anemia, broken nails, weakness, increased heartbeat, hair loss etc.

How long after tea should eat dry fruit?
Remember that you have the option of drinking both dry fruits and tea, so eat dry fruits first. You can drink tea half to an hour after eating almonds. By doing this, the body gets the benefit of both things.

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