Dog lover woman harassed, beaten up by community resident, video goes viral

Vijay Kumar/Noida: In builder societies present in Noida and Greater Noida, cases of disputes between residents of the society over dogs continue to surface daily, the latest being in AIIMS Golf Avenue Society in Sector 75, Noida. Where a woman, angry over the removal of a poster of a missing dog from the society, thrashed a resident of the society. The video of which is also going viral on social media.

A video of AIIMS Golf Avenue Society located in Sector 75 is going viral on social media very fast. In the video, a woman wearing a red T-shirt is seen abusing a young man standing in front of her by his collar. After some time he was also slapped. The young man repeatedly asks the woman not to misbehave. But the woman not only misbehaved, but also beat the young man. Other people standing with the woman were also seen beating the young man.

There was a whole controversy over the dog poster

Actually the woman seen fighting is Ashi Singh. Whose pet dog suddenly disappears somewhere. Then they put up missing dog posters in the whole community. The aggrieved youth has filed a complaint with the Naveen Society Maintenance Team that the beauty of the society is being spoiled due to the posters being put up at various places.

After this the maintenance team removed many of the posters. Angered by the removal of the post of the missing dog, the woman started abusing Naveen Mishra and even beat him up.

The viral video has been taken into account by the police

The video of this fight quickly went viral on social media. Taking into consideration the viral video, the local police station sector 113 has taken legal action against the accused woman and her other accomplice. Preventive measures have also been taken by the police against the victim Naveen Mishra.

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