‘Don’t get angry, the excuse of rain won’t work’ KK Pathak scolded the teachers

Jamui Bihar Government’s Education Department Additional Chief Secretary KK Pathak has reached Jammu on his visit. At this time there was a stir in Jamui. Amidst the rain, KK Pathak and Jamui’s DM and District Education Officer visited the school. Additional Chief Secretary, teacher, headmaster and even the district education officer who was with him were harassed during the school inspection.

At that time KK Pathak advises the headmaster not to make the school an employment center and clearly says, teach the school children, check the copies properly after the examination and inform the children if there is any mistake. After that, this officer of the education department reached Ratanpur High School campus and visited every classroom. The students got angry after seeing the construction of the school building in the playground of the high school and immediately ordered to stop the construction of the school building.

KK Pathak instructed the headmaster of the school that the playground should be constructed for children to play and a building should be constructed on top of the building. After KK Pathak Ratanpur, Additional Chief Secretary reached Genadih Primary School. Meanwhile, KK Pathak, seeing the closed toilets and the filth, asked Kapil Dev Tiwari, in-charge of the school and District Education Officer, – How is this condition of the toilets justifiable? In Mahuli Gad Madhya School in Gidhaghar Block, KK Pathak is angry with the Head Master due to low attendance of children in the school and children not being taught in the rooms of the school building. The Additional Chief Secretary cleared the in-charge of the school. Do not make them wander or crazy, make it, the rain will not be an excuse.

Here too, KK Pathak ordered the school principal and district education officer to stop their salaries. KK Pathak lashed out at the in-charge for keeping construction material in Banjolia Middle School room in Gidaghar block. In Banjulia, the Additional Chief Secretary himself expressed his displeasure over the non-reading of books by Class V children and directed the school in-charge to pay special attention to the weaker students after the school holidays. During the visit, KK Pathak reached Ramdaspur Plus Two High School in Jhajha block, where he scolded the district education officer after hearing about the shortage of teachers and said that he had not sent his report properly. In the same school, the additional chief secretary was seen to be angry over the non-use of essential items bought for the students.

After seeing straw and fences in the rooms of Dhibar School building of Jhajha Block Upgraded Secondary School, the Additional Chief Secretary got angry with the in-charge of the school and education officials and made it clear that your salary will be stopped. During the visit, Additional Chief Secretary KK Pathak also interacted with the students of the school. On the one hand, he praised the teachers for seeing the good things and on the other hand, he also gave instructions to correct mismanagement and mismanagement.

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