Don’t make the mistake of confusing mother and daughter, their relationship is something else.

Nowadays people have become very conscious about fitness. People have realized that if you are not fit, many diseases will surround you. Because of this, people are taking time out of their busy lives to focus on fitness. After seeing fit people, people are often confused about their age. If someone is unfit, his face looks tired and old even at a young age. Reverse fit people look younger.

These days, 64-year-old Leslie Maxwell is making people crazy about her body on social media. It is impossible to guess her age by looking at her picture. People can’t believe that Leslie shared a photo with her granddaughter on her 64th birthday. Everyone starts thinking about their mother and daughter. But in reality both are grandparents. The comment box of this picture on Instagram is full of wonderful comments.

Goes to the gym every day
Leslie confuses people with her figure. Leslie has won many bodybuilding titles. He goes to the gym every day and lifts weights. Not only that, Leslie’s granddaughter TA Christofio also loves weightlifting. He takes his grandmother to the gym every day and both work out for hours. The love of the two is visible outside the gym. If Leslie couldn’t go to the gym with her granddaughter, she would work out alone and not miss her gym every day.

People cannot guess a woman’s age

Youth in old age
Millions of people follow Leslie on social media. Although her granddaughter is no less famous. Recently they both shot a Gymware advertisement together. According to Leslie, who hails from Australia, she and her granddaughter are both passionate about workouts and fitness. Both of them were seen wearing pink in the recently shared picture. The picture was captured in the gym. In the comments, many called the two as mother and daughter. But knowing the truth, he shook his head.

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