E-ticket facility issue, Haryana Roadways bus passengers

Virendra Puri/Kaithal. Haryana Roadways introduced e-ticketing for the convenience of passengers and operators. But now this advantage is becoming a problem. Operators are the most affected due to problems with e-ticket machines. Due to which manual tickets have to be bought again.

The issue of e-ticket machines in roadways buses remains a problem for operators. As for the Kaithal Roadways Depot, a total of 134 e-ticket machines arrived here. In the beginning everything was going well. But then sometimes 2 sometimes 5 machines fail and so far 20 machines are broken. The problem of no charge is another problem of no network. Because of this, the sale of tickets is closed in the middle. As the passengers are in trouble, the conductors are also in trouble. Now these machines have been sent to Chandigarh for repair. Some conductors said that this machine has become a problem for us.

High-tech facilities in name only

The machines are equipped with high technology. But passengers are not getting their benefits. Because these e-ticket machines had the option of scanning bar codes for transactions and paying for tickets by swiping ATM and debit cards. But none of these are in use now. Payments are not made by scanning bar codes at machines or swapping ATM cards.

These problems have to be faced
When we spoke to Manoj, the machine issue authority, he said that there are many types of problems in the machine. Someone else fills the machine at the conductor station and the ticket is issued at another station. Due to which many times fights with passengers also happen. Many times while booking tickets the screen shows print failure. If checked later, the conductor has to bear that money. Because the passenger has to pay the ticket again. There is also the issue of the machine not charging. Due to which the machines are not able to cut the whole day on that route. This is also affecting work. Rohtash Kumar, Station Supervisor, Kaithal, Haryana Roadways said the machines are facing problems as there is a new process so it will take some time. But the machines have to be changed for the problem or the problem is reported to the higher officials. These problems will be solved soon.

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