Employees will be selected as per old selection scale instead of ACP.

(H. Malik) Jaipur. Ahead of the Assembly elections, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has pulled off another master stroke to win over more than seven and a half lakh employees of the state. He has already become a favorite by implementing the Old Pension Scheme. Now instead of ACP (Assured Career Progression) the decision to give pay scale with promotion after 9, 18 and 27 years of service has given double joy to the employees.

CM Gehlot is trying hard to change the tradition of three decades and repeat the Congress government. From populist freebie schemes for the masses to creating ethnic vote banks, measures are being taken to appease women and employees.

Employees were dissatisfied with the ACP system implemented in 2006
About three decades ago, there was a provision for promotion of government employees after 9, 18 and 27 years of service along with pay scale. Especially clerical grade employees have benefited from this. Under this the employees would get at least 3 promotions in the job. Due to this, along with promotion to higher posts, the salary of employees i.e. grade pay has also increased. The government discontinued the selection scale system in 2006 while implementing the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission. Instead, ACP i.e. Assured Career Progression was implemented. It provides for higher pay scales after 10, 20 and 30 years of service. Due to this, the cadre did not change even though the employees got the benefit of higher pay scales every 10 years.

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Gifts to more than seven lakh government employees
Chief Minister Gehlot again gave gifts to more than 7 lakh government employees of the state before the assembly elections. The government’s decision has opened the way for at least 3 employees to be promoted before retirement. The Gehlot cabinet introduced the 31-year-old system of promotion of employees. It is understood that in the current ACP system the employees only get financial benefits. But now according to the selection scale i.e. 9, 18 and 27, the employees will get promotion along with financial benefits.

Selection scale system is therefore better than ACP
First, in the ACP, there was provision for promotion at 10, 20 and 30 years for state service, whereas in the selection scale, there was provision for promotion at 9, 18 and 27 years. In this case, the benefit of three years will be directly received by the employees. In the second selection SP, promotion is given in the next pay scale and not in the post. Suppose if a person is LDC and does not get promotion for 9 years, then on selection scale system, after completion of 9 years, he will automatically become UDC. That means he will get pay scale of UDC. At the age of 27, on the third promotion, he will become Office Superintendent and will receive the salary of this post.

First won hearts by implementing the old pension scheme
The benefits provided to employees under the ACP system were significantly reduced. Due to the new pension scheme, employees like ACP are also facing losses. In fact, from April 1, 2004, a new pension scheme was implemented to replace the old Pension Scheme (OPS) for government employees across the country. The UPA government that came to power at the Center in May 2004 continued the NDA government’s bill to abolish OPS for 10 years. Modi government has not changed it either. But CM Gehlot, accepting the workers’ year-old demands, won over the workers by implementing OPS in March-2022.

Employees angry over losses in new pension scheme
In fact, under the old pension scheme, the employee receives the pension amount every month even after retirement, whereas in the new pension scheme, the pension amount received every month stops after retirement. Besides, in the old pension scheme the cost of providing pension was borne by the government, whereas in the new pension scheme the employees seeking pension have to bear the financial burden themselves. With the introduction of OPS, seven and a half lakh employees of the state are sure to get its benefits. Before CM Gehlot’s announcement, only 1.5 lakh employees were getting OPS benefits.

OPS makes Himachal-Karnataka win for Congress
The Gehlot government’s master stroke of OPS implementation later proved to be a trump card for the Congress in the Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka assembly elections. In both places the working voters voted for the Congress with their bags and in both places the Congress succeeded in forming the government. The party high command along with Rahul-Priyanka Gehlot praised the government’s OPS implementation. After OPS, now CM Gehlot has again taken steps to bring workers to his side by implementing selection scale system in place of ACP for government employees.

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