Even furnace-hot cars will cool down in minutes, just press this button.

New Delhi. In different states of the country, severe heat is going on at this time. Almost every car these days has AC (AC in Car), but the problem is that if the car is left in the sun for a long time, it deteriorates. Even the AC of such cars takes longer to cool down. But, did you know that most cars have a button that is very useful to instantly cool down the car. This button is air recirculation. This button is provided for quick cooling of the vehicle cabin.

This feature is used in summer when the air outside the car is very hot. A car’s AC has to work harder to pull in hot outside air and cool it down. Even if the AC blower is running at full speed, it takes a long time to cool down the car cabin.

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This is how air recirculation works
When the air recirculation button present in the car is turned on, the car’s air conditioner does not suck hot air from outside, but uses the air kept inside the cabin by the air conditioner. After pressing this button, the car AC draws air from the cabin, cools it and sends it back to the cabin. This process continues continuously. AC cools the cold air further and returns it to the cabin. Due to this, the car cools down quickly.

It is not good to drive for a long time
It is not good to run the AC in air recirculation mode for a long time. This is because recirculation mode reuses the air inside the car. Using recirculation mode for long periods of time without fresh outside air can worsen the air quality inside the cabin. It can also increase humidity in the air. So this feature of AC should be used only for some time to cool down the car quickly. The recirculation button can be used to remove fog from the interior of the car cabin during the winter season.

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