Father to father! Such a big dosa, not just one or two…even three people get tired of eating it.

Aditya Anand/Godda. You must have had Masala Dosa, one of the most famous dishes of South India, but Baahubali Dosa, available at a private restaurant in Mahagama, Godda, is making a lot of headlines these days. The specialty of this dosa is that it is about 3 feet in size. This dosa is a little different from the masala, in that the masala is served on top and the dosa is a whole petal.

This dosa cannot be eaten by one or two people, at least three people should eat it together. The price of dosa in this shop is 200 rupees. This dosa is available only in Mahagama’s desi restaurant in the entire district.

Also know the price
Madhav Manav, manager of the restaurant, said that apart from dosa, this restaurant has idli for 60 taka in a plate, vada for 60 taka, uttapam for 70 taka in a plate, chole bhatura for 50 taka in a plate, masala dosa for 60 taka, sejwan dosa for 80 taka. Plate, pav bhaji for 50 rupees. Rs. Plate, Spicy Sejwan Dosa Rs. 100 Plate. Also, the most affordable dish here is the Desi Soad Combo, which includes masala dosa, medu vada, idli and a cold drink, priced at Rs 200.

This restaurant opens at 8:00 am and remains open for customers till 10:00 pm.
Bhaskar Kumar, who came to eat Baahubali masala dosa at the restaurant, said that the dosa is very good. He had never eaten bahubali dosa before. A variety of South dishes are available in this shop. Presently he ate dosa which was quite delicious.

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