Forest department’s unique awareness campaign to avoid elephants, watch video

Anup Paswan/Korba: In elephant-infested areas, you may have heard or seen forest officials warning people through loudspeakers or calling for rescue. A unique video is going viral in Korba district of Chhattisgarh. Where the forest workers are taking dance troupes from village to village and sensitizing the villagers through traditional dances and songs in native style. This unique initiative has been taken by the Kar Gora Forest Department of Korba district to save lives and property from elephants.

To create awareness among the villagers in the elephant-infested areas and save them from loss of life and property, the forest workers of the Katghora forest division are roaming the village streets in Chhattisgarh style with songs and folk dances. Talking about measures to save elephants by converting Chhattisgarh songs into songs with Chhattisgarh tunes and Chhattisgarh folk dances. Don’t waste time in the woods., Take care of cleanliness, To use the toilet only, The elephants are being taught to stay away from themselves when going towards populated areas or fields by burning pots or pots and using pepper in them.

Viral video is viral
Seeing the viral video, the effort is getting a lot of praise, especially in elephant-infested areas. The video, which shows villagers mobilizing crowds through folk dance and speaking in Chhattisgarhi style to inform people about security measures, has become a talking point.


First Published: Sep 24, 2023, 00:33 IST

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