Four friends ate crab together, the restaurant handed over a bill of 80,000 taka, but twist!

There are many expensive foods in the world. But imagine what will happen if you have to pay 80 thousand rupees to eat crab. Something like this happened to a woman. Four friends ate crab together and were shocked when the restaurant billed them. He became so worried that he called the police. Complaint to the Singapore Tourism Board. The bill has been shared on social media and created an uproar. Now the restaurant has struck back;

It’s about Singapore. According to the Daily Mail report, Japanese resident Junko Shinba went to the Seafood Paradise restaurant with her friends. Had dinner there with friends. Everyone ordered the Alaskan King Crab and many other dishes. But he was left speechless when the restaurant billed him £786. This included a 10 percent service charge. Janko and his friends felt that the restaurant was charging them arbitrary fees. He made the bill viral on social media and shared CCTV footage from inside the restaurant, showing the waiter explaining the bill in detail. The restaurant responded when the issue came up.

3.5 kg of crab is served
Shinba claimed that the restaurant waiter suggested the dish. Then he said its price is 1622 rupees. He did not specify the price of the crab. Where as the restaurant’s website states, the price of Alaska King Crab is determined by the season. Neither of us was told that the whole crab would be cooked just for us, as some other restaurants serve partial crabs. We would have eaten something else if we had known. Because we were served about 3.5 kg of crab, which the four of us could not eat.

What was the restaurant’s response?
In response, the restaurant said, “We are very upset with this demand of the customers.” Its purpose is to tarnish the image of our employees. Our staff told the customer twice that Alaska king crabs cost the same as Scotland snow crabs. The price of Scottish snow crab was clearly written on the menu at Rs 1612 per 100 grams. The customer should have guessed accordingly. He was also told that the total weight of the Laska King Crab was 3.5 kg. Before cooking, our staff brought the Alaskan King Crab to the table and demonstrated it. Even customers take selfies with him. But later refused to pay the bill. It is not correct. One customer even said he didn’t have enough money to pay the bill. We also asked for help, they were offered some relaxation but they started fussing.

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