Free culture test facility is available in this hospital, read full information here

Vishal Jha/Ghaziabad: For corona epidemic control and corona testing, it was quickly established in 53 districts of the state (RTPCR BSL-2) To use the laboratory, the first culture experiment was started in Ghaziabad.

Ghaziabad CMO Dr Bhavatosh Shankhadhar and District MMG Hospital CMS Dr Manoj Kumar Chaturvedi inaugurated the new test at the lab. Advanced additional equipment has been installed in this corona testing lab. CMO Dr. Bhavatosh Shankhadhar He said, apart from Elisa test, there will also be hepatitis test facility here. for freeIn the first phase, samples of at least 500 patients visiting the OPD daily will be taken for culture test.

Patients will benefit from multi-culture tests
Two microbiologists and six lab technicians will examine patients in this lab. Dengue and malaria samples can also be taken in the lab. As these tests are very expensive in outside private labs, patients coming here will now get great benefits. There has been a demand for culture test in MMG Hospital for a long time.

Why is culture tested?
Microbiologist Surabhi Dixit said that culture test is used in any lab. In order to identify bacteria, fungi or viruses. Through this test, the infection growing inside the body can be detected. In this test, the strength of a virus or bacteria to cause growth is measured. For this test, samples of urine, pus, stool and stool are taken. If the test report is positive, it means that there are germs in the blood, that is, there is an infection in the body, and if the test report is negative, there is no infection in the blood.

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