‘Glory of terror…’ split in Trudeau’s party, says Hindu MP

Ottawa: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s discomfort with the alleged support of Khalistan supporters in the Liberal Party came to the fore on Thursday when his party’s Hindu MP Chandra Arya declared, ‘The vast majority of our Canadian Sikh brothers and sisters do not support the Khalistan movement. The statement comes amid ‘excessive’ criticism of the community in India by a section of Sikh MPs led by Sukh Dhaliwal of the Liberal Party.

Arya has accused US-based expatriate Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) separatist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun of trying to incite Canadian Hindus to return to India through a hateful video, The Times of India reported. Sikh community in Canada.

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Hindu MP condemned his own government
In a veiled condemnation of Trudeau and his own party’s government, Arya tweeted, “I fail to see how glorifying terrorism or allowing hate crimes targeting a religious group can be justified in the name of freedom of speech and expression.” How is it given? ? If a white supremacist attacked a group of ethnic Canadians and told them to leave our country, there would be outrage across Canada. But apparently this Khalistani leader can get away with this hate crime.

Fellow MP Dhaliwal, on the other hand, claimed in Parliament that he was denied an Indian visa for speaking out against ‘atrocities against Sikhs’ in India, which he called a ‘so-called democracy’. He called on Conservative, Liberal, NDP and other Canadian politicians to condemn it, saying, ‘The Indian government intimidates our Parliament, let alone the public.’

The NDP’s Jagmeet Singh said that when he was a member of the Ontario provincial parliament in 2013, India denied him a visa to visit Amritsar in December. He told The Times of India from Canada that it seemed the Indian government was angry with him for ‘demanding justice for the victims of the anti-Sikh riots of November 1984’.

MP asks Canadian Hindus to be vigilant
Fellow Sikh MPs Harjit Singh Sajjan, Randeep Sarai and Iqvinder Singh Gahir also spoke in Parliament against ‘foreign interference’ and measures to ‘protect Canadians’. Arya argued that although ‘most Canadian Sikhs may not publicly condemn the Khalistan movement for various reasons’, they are deeply connected to the Canadian Hindu community ‘through family ties and shared social and cultural ties’. The Liberal MP advised Canadian Hindus to remain calm but vigilant and to ‘report any incidents of Hinduphobia to local law-enforcement agencies’.

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