God was sweating! In this temple, as soon as the fan is turned off, water appears on the idol, at first I couldn’t believe it, then…

Hazaribagh In this summer season, people are tired of intense sun and heat. Common people and special people are taking various measures for protection in this summer. Fans, coolers, ACs are running in every room to get relief from the heat. But, God met this summer too. Bhagwan Chitragupta Maharaja broke his fan and started sweating in the intense heat in the Bhagwan Chitragupta temple located in Chhat Pond of Hazaribagh.

Chitragupta Maharaj temple priest Ram Krishna Pandey said that this temple was established 35 years ago. He claimed that such a scene was seen here for the first time. Yesterday, the entrance festival was celebrated with much fanfare in the temple, when the temple fan collapsed while the ceremony was going on in the temple. After this, water appeared as a liquid in Lord Chitragupta’s hand, after which it was purified by treating it as water. After some time the water came again and that too was cleaned. But after a while water appeared again on Lord Chitragupta’s hands and mouth. Then it seemed that God was annoyed by the heat.

Gathered in the temple
Alok Sinha, a member of the temple committee, said that devotees thronged the temple after seeing the Lord sweating in the heat. Everyone was shocked to see this scene. Passersby stop at the temple to witness this pastime of the Lord. After a while the temple committee repaired the broken fan and installed it in the temple, after which the sweating of the idol stopped.

Disclaimer: The information and facts given in this news are of temple management. Local 18 does not verify any information.

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