Good news! Now only one padwan will produce wheat-chickpea crop! Scientists have prepared a special powder

Satyam Kumar/Bhagalpur. Bihar Agricultural University is doing new experiments every day to create new things for farmers. Better varieties of seeds, new varieties of crops and new machinery are being introduced to encourage farmers continuously. Training programs are also being conducted on how farmers can proceed. But now a powder has been invented by the scientists of the University of Agriculture. Its name is Super Absorbent Polymer. Due to which rabi crop will be ready in just one padwan. It will be very beneficial for the farmers.

Nintu Mondal, the scientist who developed it, says farmers no longer have to worry about patwan. In fact, rabi crops, especially wheat, gram, lentils and peas, are threshed after sowing. Especially after 21 days wheat is first irrigated. After that water should be given at least three more times. But if we use ‘super absorbent polymer’ we need to control the weeds only once and the crop is ready. Nitrogen is injected inside the NSP. It is abbreviated as NSP. It is prepared in powder form. It has the ability to store water inside itself for a long time.

Just one gram stores 300 grams of water
Scientists say that just one gram of it stores 300 grams of water. Nintu Mandal said, now I see that there is a shortage of water in agriculture. Crops are not growing well due to water in many places. Due to which the farmers are not able to benefit. At the same time, he said, there is a possibility of water shortage in the coming days. Recently, problems such as boring failures have started to appear in many places. Due to which water is not available on time. Due to which crop growth stops. It reduces production. We have been working since 2015 to reduce the requirement of Patwan for farmers. Success came after that.

It will continue like this, the water will leave according to the tree.
The scientist said, after doing a lot of research, we went to the field and tested it. It was important to know how we could use it. Then we noticed that when wheat is sown in the field. At this time it should be mixed in the form of powder in the seeds and sown. It will apply 10 kg per hectare. He said, after 21 days after weeding, water will accumulate inside it and whenever the plant needs water. Every moment he will release that water. It will maintain moisture in our fields.

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