Greetings! This doctor lives in the hearts of hill people, patients come from 100 kilometers away for examination.

Kamal Pimli/Srinagar Garhwal. A doctor is in the news these days. In fact, while expert doctors shy away from climbing the hills, there is a young doctor who took a posting from Dehradun to Srinagar Garhwal and in no time made a home in the hearts of the hill people. Dr. Rachit Garg, a radiologist at the Joint Hospital in Srinagar, Pahar needs no further introduction. He became popular with the patients due to his behavior and work. Patients also reach him from remote areas of Chamoli, Tehri, Pauri, Rudraprayag.

He is working as a radiologist specialist in sub-district hospital located in Garhwal, Srinagar. There has been a long-standing shortage of specialist doctors in the hills, particularly radiologists. Because of this, patients living in remote areas of the mountains have to travel hundreds of kilometers for ultrasound. Meanwhile, Dr. Rachit Garg, who has been posted at the government joint sub-district hospital to overcome the shortage of radiologists. His work style shows that the Chief Minister of the state himself appointed him for his better work. Dr. Rachit Garg’s affection for his patients sets him apart.

Patients are not admitted without examination
Dr. Rachit Garg said that experts are now preferring to come towards the hills. The shortage of specialists is gradually being filled. It is also said that pregnant women reach them after traveling a distance of 80-100 km from Tehri, Chamoli. In such cases they try to ensure that no patient is left behind, because even after the OPD, if a patient is left behind, then the patient’s life will become one more day worse. His attempt is that if a patient travels for 3 hours to reach the hospital, if you give him 5 minutes of your time even after the OPD hours are over, that patient will live the next whole day.

Investigations are also carried out through camps in remote areas.
Dr. Garg said that more indoor patients come to the medical college, so many patients reach the Joint District Hospital for examination. He performed ultrasound on 30-35 patients every day. Also, sometimes they do more than 50 tests a day. Also informed that from time to time they also participate in camps in remote areas of the hills, due to which the villagers get the facility of testing.

Do not be careless if you have a stomach ache
Dr. Rachit Garg said that due to the high calcium content in the mountains, gall bladder or kidney stone patients often reach there. Often hill women or villagers suffer from stomach pain, but they ignore it. He said, if you complain of stomach pain, don’t ignore it. Be sure to consult a doctor and if the pain is severe, get an ultrasound.

Who is a radiologist?
A radiologist is a doctor who diagnoses internal diseases and proves the significance of any disease through various types of machine tests. Dr. Rachit Garg is doing this very well.

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