Grown underground, this vegetable will control blood sugar, boost immunity, and have these 5 amazing benefits

Benefits of Arabica: Many types of vegetables are grown underground, one of them is Arabica (Taro). Arabica is not only delicious but also beneficial for health in many ways. Talking about the nutrients present in colocasia, it is rich in carbohydrates, fiber, folate, vitamins, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Nutritionist Lavneet Batra shared a post on his Instagram about the benefits of taro. Let’s find out what are the health benefits of eating Arabica.


Arabica Regulates Blood Sugar Levels – When you eat Arabica, it can help control blood sugar levels. Arabic vegetables contain a lot of starch. It contains two types of carbohydrates, which are beneficial in controlling blood sugar. Fiber and resistant starch help slow digestion. Thus, it prevents excessive sugar levels after eating. Photo: Canva


Arabica is rich in anti-cancer properties – consuming Arabica can help prevent many types of cancer. In fact, it has anti-cancer properties, which prevent cancer cells from developing in the body. It contains plant-based compounds called polyphenols, which provide many health benefits. Thus it also reduces the risk of cancer. The main polyphenol found in taro is quercetin. They protect the body from free radical damage. It increases the risk of cancer. Photo: Canva


Arabic keeps the stomach healthy – Eating Arabic vegetables keeps the stomach healthy. The fiber and resistant starch present in taro are fermented by bacteria in the stomach to produce short-chain fatty acids. They can protect you from colon cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. In such circumstances, eating turmeric is very beneficial for health. Photo: Canva


Arabica keeps eyes healthy – Arabica contains antioxidants beta-carotene and cryptoxanthin, which improve eyesight. It improves eye health. These antioxidants prevent aging of the cells present in the eye, thereby preventing the problems of cataracts and macular degeneration. Regular consumption of colocasia can keep the eyes healthy for a long life. Photo: Canva


Control Blood Pressure, Strengthen Immunity – You can eat Taro if you have high blood pressure. This vegetable and its leaves have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties. Rich in vitamins C and E, Arabic strengthens the immune system. You can control high blood pressure by including it in your diet. Also, by strengthening immunity, you can be safe from many serious diseases and infections. Photo: Canva

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