Hapur patients will be relieved… no need to wait for allied tests

Abhishek Mathur/Hapur: In Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur district, dengue and malaria patients do not have to wait to get themselves tested, patients do not have to travel to Delhi-NCR including Ghaziabad and Meerut for testing. Patients will be tested for ELISA at the district hospital and they will be able to get the report soon. For this, another alliance machine has been installed in the district hospital.

We tell you that apart from viral fever, dengue and malaria are wreaking havoc these days. Viral-fever and dengue-malaria patients are coming every day. Hospitals and CHCs in the district are witnessing long queues for treatment of patients. Patients have to wait for long time for alliance test to confirm dengue and malaria at the district hospital lab.

No need to go outside the district anymore
Due to the large number of patients on one machine, not only was it taking time to examine the patients, but the reports were also taking several days. In such circumstances patients had to travel to Delhi-NCR including Meerut and Ghaziabad for examination. But now another alliance machine has been installed in the district hospital considering the number of patients.

People will get better facilities
District Chief Medical Officer Sunil Kumar Tyagi said that Alliance machines have been fully installed in the hospital and testing of patients has started. In this situation, dengue and malaria patients will not only get the report soon, but also receive immediate treatment after confirmation. He said that now the people of the district need not go to Delhi-NCR for the examination. They can be treated well in the district hospital.

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