Having earned wealth and fame cooking on YouTube, ‘Lady Sanjeev Kapoor’ has reached every home during Covid

New Delhi. During the lockdown due to Covid-19, when the entire country came to a standstill and people were stuck where they were, a YouTube channel called Kavita Kitchen suddenly caught everyone’s attention. Kabita’s Kitchen star Kabita Singh became a star within few days. The discussion about his video is almost from house to house. Kavita Singh teaches cooking to people through her channel. There are many other such channels but there were two major reasons why Kavita Kitchen became a hit. The first is the simple way of cooking and the second is the conversation that connects people.

During the lockdown, people stayed at home and could experiment with food. Apart from this, boys and girls who were stuck somewhere far away from home were also looking for a channel to learn cooking which could teach them easily and with less equipment. Kavita Kitchen attracts both types of visitors. As the channel increases, Kavita Singh’s income also increases. Today his wealth amounts to Rs. This article of ours is only about his financial achievements.

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Income and Net Worth
If reports are to be believed, Kavita Singh earns an average of 35-40 thousand dollars per month through YouTube. According to a website called YouTubers.me, Kavita Singh earned $88.3 thousand in March 2023. If we see in Indian Rupees, it will be around Rs 73.13 Lakhs. His estimated net worth is around $5 million. It is a little over 41.55 crores in Indian Rupees. During the lockdown, Kavita Singh was earning up to 4 thousand dollars from each of her videos. No latest information is available on this matter.

The journey started from 2014
Kavita’s kitchen may have become famous during the lockdown, but Kavita Singh’s channel has been on YouTube since 2014. Then every day he would make a video of whatever he was doing and upload it to the channel. By 2017, he had over 1 million followers. But during the lockdown, his followers grew at a rocket pace. In 2021 itself, he touched the number of 1 crore followers. Kabita’s Kitchen has 13.4 million subscribers today. He has uploaded over 1500 videos on his YouTube channel. Apart from Kavita’s Kitchen, Kavita Singh also has a channel called Kavita’s Lifestyle. He has more than 3 lakh followers on this channel.

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