Here the traffic light is blue instead of green, this country is ahead in technology, so how did it make a mistake in the color?

You have learned from a young age to obey traffic rules whenever you walk on the road. Stop when the traffic light is red, start the car when it is yellow and move when it is green. But imagine how the drivers will move on the road if the traffic signal has green light? There is one country in the world where blue traffic lights are used instead of green like other countries in the world (Blue Traffic Light Japan). Means here blue light is shown instead of green light for road movement. The most surprising thing is that this country is considered to be the leader in terms of technology, so how come there is such a big mistake in terms of color?

We are talking about Japan. Japan (why Japan has blue traffic lights) and Japanese people are in the news all over the world for their discipline, cleanliness and manners. Even when he participates in tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, after the match, the spectators go home after clearing the gallery. On the other hand, Japan has no answer in technology either. So when the country is so perfect, why is the color of the traffic lights wrong? Actually, this is not a mistake, but the result of a different kind of tradition. Every country has its own different beliefs and traditions, which have been passed down for centuries. The use of blue traffic lights in Japan is also a result of the old tradition here.

The difference in color was due to confusion regarding color in the Japanese language. (Photo: Twitter/@multilingualph6)

There was no word for green in Japanese.
All these changes are due to the Japanese language and words. For centuries, words were coined in Japan for only the four main colors, black, white, red, and blue. Here blue color was called AO. If talking about something green, it was also called AO. This continued for a long time, but after a few centuries the term midori began to be used for rabbits. Midori was also considered Ao’s shadow. Although the word changed, people did not choose a new name. People have also been seen saying Hare.

This is why blue light is used
When it comes to traffic lights, first the Japanese government followed international standards and chose green for the signal. But in Japan’s official traffic rules and documents, the green traffic light was called Ao, not Midori. Although the government has chosen green color, Japanese common people and language experts are against it. He believed that if the AO colors were used according to Japanese rules, they should. The administration found new ways amid international pressure and domestic pressure. In 1973 he chose turquoise light. He claimed that his green color was the bluest shade of green. means a color that is green but looks blue. Although people today say that Japan has blue traffic lights, the government argues that they are not blue, but a shade of green that looks blue.

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