His childhood hobby made Girraj a painter, he created more than two thousand paintings

Shakti Singh/Kota. There is an artist in Kota district who has magic in his hands. Yes, this is Girraj from Kota, whose childhood passion for drawing shapes with his fingers on the ground made him a painter. Today Girraj paints beautiful paintings of animals and birds and the palaces of kings and emperors. Giraj Saini has been painting for 25 years.

Kotar Girraj has empowered dozens of students by imparting knowledge of traditional and modern painting through his art. Not only that, the feeling of protection of animals and birds and environment is highlighted to people through painting through color and cotton. Not only in Girraj Kota, but also in different states of the country, he is called to make films.

Painted in many styles

Artist Girraj Saini said, I am creating portraits of kings and emperors, wall paintings of ancient palaces, Hadoti, Bundi style, Rajasthani, Shekhawati style through my art. If seen, the wall itself is the richest source of information about technology and scientific research. From human figures to animals, birds and wild animals can be drawn.

Has also done miniature work

Girraj Saini said, CB Garden, Ganesh Udyan, Sogaria Railway Station, Ghantaghar Bypass, complete painting of Nayapur Crossroads, river front painting etc. have been done in Kota, Persian miniature work has been done in five. Star hotels in Jaipur. My paintings are seen in places like Gurgaon, Nathdwara, Uttar Pradesh etc. Works in Kota, Bundi style and genres like wildlife, portraits etc.

Girraj sees someone’s picture and draws his exact picture on paper. More than 2000 drawings have been done so far. Girraj Saini has many officers and businessmen who order him to create paintings. At the same time, various types of paintings were created and given to people to decorate the walls of their homes.

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