How much salary is available in A Grade in NABARD, how to get job there?

NABARD Salary: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) jobs are considered as one of the best government jobs. It involves reinstatement in many positions. Now Vacancies for Assistant Manager Grade A Posts. For this candidates can apply immediately without delay. Assistant Manager salary and highly prestigious job profile in NABARD encourages candidates to get the job. NABARD Grade A Assistant Recruitment is a post under Central Govt. Candidates will be entitled to all benefits provided to all employees working under Central Govt. Candidates should also know the job duties of NABARD Grade A Assistant Manager Recruitment 2023 so that they know what lies ahead. Let us know about it in detail.

Salary for NABARD Grade A Posts
National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) offers attractive salary for Assistant Manager. The salary structure of NABARD Grade A officers is given in the table below. You can see it in detail below.

Salary Amount
On the basics 28,150 per month
Pay structure 28150-1550(4) -34350-1750(7) – 46600 -EB – 1750(4)- 53600-2000(1)-55600
Monthly Allowance 70,000 rupees
salary in hand 62,600 per month

NABARD Grade A Allowance
Candidates selected under NABARD Grade A 2023 are eligible to receive expenses subject to officer eligibility.
Vehicle maintenance
Telephone costs
Book donation
Home furnishings

Additional benefits are available under NABARD Grade A
Candidates are eligible for Dearness Allowance and Local Compensation Allowance as per Central Government Rules. Besides, they can also enjoy the following benefits:-
House Rent Allowance (HRA)
Conveyance Allowance (CA):
Medical allowance
Leave Fare Concession Allowance (LFC)
Bank loan facility

NABARD Grade A Job Profile
Successful candidates to get NABARD Grade A jobs will be appointed as Assistant Manager. Below are the duties and responsibilities that Assistant Managers have to perform.
The post of Assistant Manager is the lowest post among Managerial posts.
Probation period is 2 years, but the bank can extend it up to a maximum of 1 year.
Any work assigned by the Chief General Manager of the RO shall be performed by him.
An Assistant Manager has to work on various policies and programs mandated by the Central/State Government related to Agriculture and Rural Development.
Although postings can be made anywhere in India, postings are generally limited to state capitals only. Additionally, postings in the home state are not permitted as per HR policy.

NABARD Grade A and B career growth and promotion
In case of promotion in NABARD, one gets promotion only after passing departmental test and interview. But since these are both managerial positions, further promotion brings considerable prestige and salary increase. Hierarchy of posts starting from Assistant Manager post is as follows-
Assistant Manager
the manager
Assistant General Manager
Assistant General Director
General Manager
Chief General Manager
Executive Director

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