Husband and wife died on the spot in a collision between a bus and a car

Shajapur. A painful road accident took place in Kalapipal area of ​​Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh on Saturday morning. A passenger bus and a car collided here. This road accident was so terrible that the husband and wife in the car died on the spot. It is learned that the couple was going to Ashta from Sujalpur in their car. At that time, there was a direct collision with a passenger bus coming from the front near Arnia Kala. Apart from the car, the front part of the passenger bus was also damaged in this accident.

It is a matter of relief that the people in the bus were not injured. As soon as the accident was reported, the police of Tilawad Chowki police station reached the spot. After that, the police took the people in the bus out safely and removed them from the spot in another vehicle. A crowd gathered at the scene after the accident. After that, the dead couple was brought out of the car with the help of local people. The body was taken to the health center for post-mortem. The primary cause of the accident is said to be the speeding of both the vehicles.

The accident took place between Sujalpur and Ashta
Local people present at the time of the incident said that the couple in the car was going from Sujalpur towards Ashta. So the bus full of passengers was going from Polayakala to Sujalpur. Both vehicles were speeding. Meanwhile, there was a massive clash between the two near Arnia Kala. A crowd gathered at the scene after the accident. Then the people informed the police about the accident.

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The police of Tilawad police station reached the spot after receiving the information about the accident. The front part of the bus was badly damaged in the accident. On reaching the spot, the police rescued the passengers trapped in the bus safely with the help of local people. The collision was so severe that the car was badly damaged. The car flies. The husband and wife who were in the car died on the spot in the accident. Both are said to be residents of Sujalpur.

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