If bitten by a snake, these animals do not die, the poison cannot spread in the body.

There are many venomous snakes, including the king cobra, whose bite can kill any living creature. The inland taipan is so poisonous that one drop of its venom can kill many people. The Australian snake Coastal Taipan is the second most venomous snake. It doesn’t even want water. But do you know that there are some animals in the world whose body is not affected by a snake bite? Because their body does not spread poison. Let’s know about these animals…


According to biologists, snake venom usually does not affect the animals living in the snake. So the animal does not die even if bitten. You’ve seen most of it.


Honey badger snake bites are not affected. Because no matter who the snake is, its poison does not spread through its body. You will be surprised to know that honey badger kills and eats snakes.


The wood rat is a type of rodent that is not affected by snake venom. However, larger snakes often swallow them whole. That is why they often prefer to stay away from snakes.


The California ground squirrel is a type of squirrel. It is commonly found in small grasslands, tree-covered hills and granite rocks in the Americas. It is not affected by snake bites.


A pig does not die from a snake bite. Because its body contains a special type of chemical neurotoxin that destroys the snake’s venom and does not allow it to spread further.


The hedgehog, which looks like a porcupine, is found in Europe but can also be domesticated in India. This small looking animal is very brave. It has no effect on snake venom.


We all know about mongoose. It is said that if there is a snake somewhere, bring a mongoose and keep it, the snake will run away. It is considered as the biggest enemy of snakes. It doesn’t matter if he gets bitten by a snake too. (all photos_canva)

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