If you want to eat garbage in the rain, come here! Chutney, onions and chillies make it delicious

Abhinav Kumar/Darbhanga: If there’s one thing I love eating the most during monsoons, it’s hot kachari. If it is not possible at home, you can come here. Ratan Mandal has been making kachari for the past many years at Phekla Chowk in Bahadurpur block area of ​​Darbhanga. Along with kachari, onion, chilli and chutney are also served on top. People who come here definitely taste the garbage here.

People are waiting in line

Ratan Mondal said, a lot of people gather here in the evening. Garbage is available at just 2 rupees per piece. Right now it’s rainy season, people want to taste hot Kachari and Muri from outside as well as indoors.

It is a shop in a rural area where customers queue up to collect garbage. Ratan Mondal said that two to three thousand pieces of garbage are sold every day. As its price is low, people eat it with great enthusiasm.

This is how delicious Kachari is made

Garbage here costs just ₹2 per piece. People stand and eat for 10 rupees. Plus you get a lot more. Ratan Mondal said, there is a crowd of people to collect the garbage. Because they sell junk at ₹2 a piece. Kachari is prepared with jamna, mangrail, onion and gram flour. Kachari is served topped with onions, chillies and chutney.

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