In fact, the human brain looks like this, the specialty of holding the woman said

God has designed the human body very beautifully. Each organ present inside the human body has its own specialty and importance. Seeing with the eyes, hearing with the ears and what not. Every activity of man is controlled by his brain. Every organ and organ of the body functions through the brain. We all know that when a person’s mental balance is lost, it means that his brain has stopped working properly. But have you seen the real mind?

A woman on social media showed people two human brains. He held the brain in his hand and was seen telling people its specialty. The woman holds the brain in her hand as if it were a ball. He didn’t seem strange at all. He very easily held the brain and explained its speciality to the people. Its video was shared on social media, from where it has been viewed by millions of people till date.

It works like this
The woman showed two minds. The spinal cord was attached to one of them. The brain sends instructions for every function of the body through this spinal cord. Whenever there is an injury or a part needs to be moved, the brain sends a message. All this happens at such a speed that a person does not even realize when the brain has sent the signal and when the task is done. The eye was connected to the other brain. The woman said, what we see with our eyes is immediately processed in the brain.

People expressed surprise
In the video, the woman only talked about science. But people started calling it disgusting in the comment box. Many people asked the woman if she was not afraid at all. One person wrote in the comments that quick put this brain in my friend. He is the only one walking around without a brain. One user wrote that he held the mind like a ball. People also called it scary. Indeed, the human body is full of mysteries.

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