In the absence of the husband, the wife used to call her lover for hours, and when she got the chance, she ran away, taking the children with her

Patna. When Tanu comes to her in-laws house after her marriage, little did anyone know that after 10 years something will happen which will put the entire family’s reputation at risk. Everything was fine for 10 years, during which Tanu also gave birth to two daughters, but what happened next surprised everyone.

A woman ran away with her boyfriend with two daughters, that too after 10 years of marriage. The case of eloping with her lover in connection with love affair is from Danapur-Neura in Patna, from where the mother of two daughters broke off the marriage bond and eloped with her lover without caring about the society. After the wife absconded, now the husband is appealing to the police in this regard. The victim appealed to the Patna SSP to trace his wife.

In a written application to the SSP, Chandan, a resident of Newra Bazar, wrote that his wife Tanu Sharma, whose maternal home is Ramjichak Bata, Digha, left home with her daughters around 3 pm on September 6 saying that she was going to her maternal home while she was going to Patna. She Jn. A resident of Railway Colony ran away with Vikas Kumar. Although the husband searched for her a lot, she was nowhere to be found, after which a written application was made to Newra police station, but no action was taken.

Now the victim’s husband has appealed to the SSP. In the petition, husband Chandan has filed a written complaint against Bikash for driving away his wife. Swami Chandan said in the petition that his wife used to talk to Bikash on the phone for hours in his absence for the past few days. After realizing this we rejected it and got the information of repeated calls from a person on mobile, where every call was coming from Bikash’s number and he was lovingly talking to our wife. After knowing this, his wife refused and even quarreled many times.

In the meantime, on September 6, his wife suddenly ran away with Bikash along with their two daughters. Now the husband has appealed to the police to rescue his wife and daughters and take action against the youth named Bikash. In such a situation, it remains to be seen whether the husband or wife wins this legal battle.

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