India’s question, why was the Security Council ineffective in resolving the Ukraine conflict?

United Nations. In view of the continuation of the Ukraine war, India said the international community should question why the main body of the United Nations – the Security Council has been completely ineffective in resolving the Ukraine crisis, when its primary responsibility is to maintain international peace and security.

Sanjay Verma, Secretary (West), Ministry of External Affairs, said during an open debate on ‘Upholding the objectives and principles of the UN Charter through effective multilateralism: maintaining peace and security in Ukraine’ at the UN Security Council on Thursday. The international community should pause to ask two important questions.

Needs improvement and restructuring
“The first question is, are we close to a possible solution that is acceptable?” Verma said. He said, “And if not, then why the UN system, especially its main body – the UN Security Council – has been completely ineffective in resolving ongoing conflicts, when its main responsibility is to maintain international peace and security. Verma said that to make multilateralism work, the old Structures need to be reformed and rebuilt. Otherwise they need credibility. Deterioration will continue and until we fix this systemic flaw, we will achieve nothing.”

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the council on Wednesday. He personally addressed the Security Council for the first time with a membership of 15 countries.

Reiterated India’s concern over the current situation in Ukraine
Verma reiterated India’s concern over the current situation in Ukraine and said New Delhi has always maintained that no solution can be reached at the cost of human lives. Verma emphasized Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s view that “this is not a time for war”, but a time for development and cooperation. He said, increasing hostility and violence will not benefit anyone.

Appeals have been made for an immediate cessation of hostilities
“We have appealed that all efforts be made for an immediate cessation of hostilities and an immediate return to the path of dialogue and diplomacy,” Verma said. He stressed that dialogue is the only solution to differences and conflicts, however difficult. This task may seem at this time. “For the path to peace, we must keep all channels of diplomacy open,” he said. Verma said that actions that harm the possibility of discussion and dialogue should be avoided.

The world is suffering due to war
India has lamented that the war has caused the prices of food, fuel and fertilizers to rise, greatly affecting the world and particularly leaving the countries of the ‘Global South’ to fend for themselves. The term ‘Global South’ is used for those developing and underdeveloped countries, mainly located in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The voices of the Global South must be heard
“From our perspective, it is important that their (Global South) voices are heard and their legitimate concerns are addressed,” Verma said. He said that India’s presidency of the G20 ensured that some developing countries should keep the economic disadvantages. At the forefront of the G20 agenda. Verma said India’s approach to the Ukraine conflict would be people-centric and New Delhi was providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine and financial aid to some of its neighbors in the ‘Global South’ who were facing economic crisis.

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