Is your bed near the window? Make sure to remove the mattress before sleeping.

Many of us often place our bed next to a window. This is done to get fresh air while sleeping. Who does not like to sleep in the wind blowing through the window? If your bed is next to a window, then this news is for you. People put their bed next to the window to get fresh air but they don’t realize how dangerous it is? The danger can be seen in a video shared on social media.

The person who shared the video is lucky. He kept the bed in the room next to the window. He liked to sleep in the cool air during the rain. But one night he was startled when he heard a hissing sound from the bed. Many poisonous insects and snakes roam freely during monsoons. A snake went through the window and hid under the mattress of the man’s bed. The man was lucky that he realized this before he fell asleep in bed and his life was saved.

Lose consciousness as soon as the mattress is removed
The person shared his video on social media. His bed was next to the window. Slowly removed the bed mattress. At first everything seemed normal. But after a while he saw a colorful snake curled up on the edge of the bed. Placed his canopy on the corner of the bed. When the person removed the mattress, the snake immediately acted and crawled off the edge of the bed.

Watch out for the rain
This video went viral as soon as it was shared on social media. People still need to be careful during monsoons. Many dangerous insects roam during this season. In such situations, special attention should be paid to the inside of the shoe and behind the gas cylinder. After watching the video, many expressed surprise. One wrote that it now caused him a new fear. His bed is also next to the window. Now he will change it immediately.

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