Is your child fat, easily tired? So this deadly disease can be hidden, Dr. SV…

Type-2 diabetes in children: Childhood obesity is considered good in India. If a child is fat, he is said to be healthy and beautiful, so parents try their best to make skinny children gain weight, while they do little to slim down obese children. But this belief of yours can be very harmful for your child. Under the guise of obesity, your child may suffer from a serious disease that is difficult to get rid of throughout life.

Diabetes Center at GTB Hospital, New Delhi. HOD of Endocrinology and Metabolism Professor S.V. honey That being said, obesity has become dangerous not only in children but also in adults in the last few decades. If certain symptoms start to appear with obesity, it can be an alarm bell.

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Dr. Madhu said, this fatal disease caused by obesity is type-2 diabetes. This disease caused by bad lifestyle changes the whole life of the child. The age at which children can eat, drink and play swings between treatment and prevention. A study published a few days ago shows that obese children are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes as overweight or obesity is a common factor in 85 percent of children with it.

These symptoms are alarm bells with obesity
If there are some symptoms with obesity in children, it should be understood that diabetes is being prepared. Watch these symptoms carefully and check the baby’s sugar level immediately.
frequent urination or urination without diagnosis.
feeling very tired.
feeling thirsty again and again after drinking water
infection or recurrence of fever.
blurred vision
feeling more hungry.

Type 2 diabetes is increasing in children at this age
Dr Archana D Arya, pediatric endocrinologist at Gangaram Hospital, said that type-2 diabetes is most common in children between 8 and 12 years of age. If your child is obese at this age, he is more likely to develop diabetes than normal children. In this case, if one of the parents has diabetes, the children’s chances of having high blood sugar are doubled.

Do not allow children to gain weight
Dr SV Madhu says that allowing children to gain weight is not without dangers. Let children play if you want to protect children from lifelong diseases like diabetes. Exercise and exercise daily. Eat minimal weight gain foods. Include millets, fruits, juices and nuts in your daily diet. Do not allow too much oily food made from refined flour.

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