Israel Launches Aero Missile Defense System, Most Powerful Weapon, Find Out

Tel Aviv. The situation is getting serious during the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Both Hamas and Hezbollah continue to attack and fire rockets into Israel. The situation on the Lebanon-Israel border is alarming, so Israel has launched its Aero Missile Defense System. This system destroys rockets launched from the Red Sea in the air. Terrorist organization Hezbollah started attacking Israel by supporting Hamas.

Israel’s Aero Missile Defense System is one of the most important weapons and was successfully tested only in 2022. It has many features; It is also capable of intercepting ballistic missiles. It was said that it could target missiles from a distance of more than 200 km and that it could target missiles coming from all around.

What is Aero Missile Defense System?
The Aero Missile Defense System uses the most advanced technology and is armed with missiles and rockets. The missiles used in it can have a range of up to 2400 km and can change their direction at any time. However, only a few countries in the world have this technology and it can be used as an anti-satellite missile. Israel has used it before and targeted its enemies Hamas and Hezbollah. The Aero system was designed to intercept short- and medium-range ballistic missiles with ranges greater than 200 kilometers (120 mi). This system is not intended to stop military aircraft or artillery rockets.

The rocket was seized by the Israeli army
The Israeli army recovered a large quantity of rockets, anti-tank missiles and other weapons from a Hamas base in Gaza. Army is recovering weapons from hospitals, schools and other places. The Israeli army also recovered a large amount of ammunition from Sheikh Izlin and Rimal areas. The Israeli army also destroyed many tunnels. Guerrilla operations are being carried out on Hamas bases, terrorists’ homes and elsewhere.

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