Just a few more days… Guru Chandal Yoga ends on this date, the fortunes of these 4 zodiac signs will be bright!

Paramjit Kumar/Deogar. Guru Chandal Yoga ends on October 28. According to astrology, the Rasi in which Guru Chandal Yoga is formed has a negative effect on many Rasis. The ability to think and understand is lost. In fact, Guru Chandal yoga is formed when Rahu and Jupiter are placed in the same sign. At the same time, Guru and Rahu were together in Aries on 22nd April and formed Guru Chandal Yoga, which is now going to end on 28th October. Let’s know from Deoghar astrologer that after the end of Guru Chandal Yoga, which Rasi is going to enter and which Rasis are going to be positively affected.

Renowned astrologer Pandit Nandkishore Mudgal of Deoghar said Guru Chandal Yoga is going to end on October 28, the day of Ashwin Purnima. It is going to have a very positive effect on all four Rasis. Where Guru Chandal Yoga is formed when Guru and Rahu are placed in Aries on 22nd April. A person’s character becomes weak due to Guru Chandal Yoga formation. Health problems arise. Now on October 28 Rahu is going to move out of Aries and enter Pisces, due to which the Guru Chandal Yoga will end. Now Rahu is going to stay in Pisces for one and a half years. For this reason, the fortunes of the four zodiac signs Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn are going to be bright.

Fortune will be bright for these zodiac signs
Taurus zodiac sign. Rahu’s entry into Pisces and the completion of Guru Chandal Yoga is going to have a very positive effect on the natives of this sign. Happiness and prosperity will come in the family of Taurus natives. There will also be a possibility of financial gain in the business. Along with this your respect in the society will increase due to your actions. You can get benefit from old investments made in business. Stuck jobs will begin to finish. Old problems will end.

Cancer Horoscope: The completion of Guru Chandal Yoga is going to have a very positive effect for Cancer natives. Career and business will continue to improve. There is also a possibility of promotion if employed. An additional source of income will be created. At the same time those who are preparing for the competitive exam will definitely get a job in the next year and a half. Good times have come for Cancers. Business will expand. Happiness will come from children.

Scorpio: The completion of Guru Chandal Yoga is going to have a very positive effect on Scorpio natives. Your work will increase your respect and prestige in the society. There will be partial financial gains in business. Scorpio natives are going to get the full support of fortune. The stuck work will also be finished. With this, you will be successful in the new work you do.

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Capricorn: The end of Guru Chandal Yoga is going to have the most important impact for the natives of this sign. Sati is going on on the side of Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn’s influence is going to decrease due to Rahu. Income is going to exceed expenses. Mental load is decreasing. There is also the possibility of happiness and prosperity in the family. Health is going to improve. If you suffer from any disease for a long time, it will end. Married life is going to be happy. (Note: This news is based on astrology and belief. News18 does not confirm it.)

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