Kanpur soldier murdered in Ambala, body found on railway tracks, wife gets message I told your husband…

Kanpur. The body of an army jawan from Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur was found on railway tracks in Ambala. The jawan is suspected to have been killed. The reason behind this is his wife’s WhatsApp message. The message read, I have sent your husband to God. Pakistan Zindabad… If the Indian Army can save its soldiers, save them. Pawan, posted for 3 years in the army’s 40 ADSR unit, was living with his wife and two daughters in Ambala cantt.

According to family members, Pawan Shankar left home on Wednesday evening saying he was going to the temple, but he never returned. Late into the night, his wife tried to contact him on phone but the phone was found switched off, whereas the message was sent from Pawan’s mobile.

The message sent to the wife’s number after the murder was something like this

I have sent your husband to Allah. What the Indian Army can do. Havildar Pawan Shankar was missing since 7.50 pm on September 6. A missing case has been registered at Padab police station on the complaint of Subedar of Lance Havildar unit. At 11.39 pm on Wednesday, Pawan Shankar’s wife’s number received a message. Then at 11.42 pm, the last scene was seen on Pawan’s WhatsApp.

Actions are intensified after receiving the message

After the message on Thursday, the wife reached out to the police and the army was contacted. After that the search for Pankaj was intensified. Pankaj’s dead body was found lying on the Ambala Dukhedi railway line in the morning. At first, the GRP considered the body unknown, but when the army personnel contacted the GRP, the body was identified.

Pawan Shankar was a Lance Havildar in the army

After hearing the news of the death of only son Pawan, the village of Kailai in Kanpur village is mourning, his mother Sunidevi and father Prem Shankar are crying. Pawan’s uncle Rajkumar Sachan, who was present at the scene, said that Pawan came to his house last July. Pawan and his mother both visited me when I was suffering from mouth cancer. Prince said, “Then he said to me, uncle, please get treatment, tell me if necessary.

This information was given by the army officer

Army officer called and said Havildar Pawan Shankar is dead. His wife Ragini identified his body. That’s how we found out. The jawan’s wife Ragini and two children Dhani (8) and Arohi (4) live in a rented house in Kanpur city’s Nauvasta. Confirming the matter, Ambala SHO GRP Dharambir said, “Pawan’s family has been informed. Mobile phone not found.

Army personnel identified the body

According to information, multiple injury marks were found on the body of jawan Pawan Shankar. Par police station is investigating after taking the dead body into custody. According to information, a panel of doctors will conduct the postmortem of the body at the Civil Hospital in Ambala Cantt. Investigating officer Pradeep Kumar said, “We received a memo from the railways at 7 pm on Thursday, which said that a body was lying on the railway track near Shahpur village. Preliminary investigation revealed that the dead body was found to be accidental. After post mortem we brought the body from there. At that time some army personnel came and started looking for someone. He said, one of our soldiers is missing. He saw the body and was convinced that it was a soldier.

The intelligence system is active

After this message, police as well as military police and army intelligence have become alert. The army team reached Ambala hospital before the autopsy. Currently there is no videography of any kind. A deep wound was found near the jawan’s head and neck.

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