Mahalakshmi Festival: Mahalakshmi comes to every house in Maharashtra, bringing wealth and good fortune.

Megha Upadhyay/ Indore/ The three-day Mahalakshmi festival, which begins on the seventh day of Shuklapaksha in the month of Bhadrapada, is celebrated with great pomp in Maharashtrian households, a glimpse of which is also seen in the Marathi society of Indore. Many Marathi families settled in the Rajwada and Cantonment areas of Indore since the Holkar period. Who are still preserving the Marathi tradition. Mahalakshmi festival is also one of these traditions, which is followed by 99% of Maharashtrian families in Indore city.

In this festival, idols of Mataji are decorated and installed, for which a divine mask is placed on a triangle-shaped stand wearing a sari. This triangular shaped stand is filled with grains like wheat and rice, symbolizing the arrival of Lakshmi. Apart from that there is good luck in the house. It is considered a very important fast in Hindu culture.

These 2 goddesses are sisters of Lord Ganesha
By doing this, Mahalakshmi fulfills all wishes and gives blessings of wealth and prosperity. Mahalakshmi is welcomed and served in the house with pomp and show, reciting the lines ‘Mahalakshmi ali ghare sonar payani, bhar bharti lekar ali, sarvasmriddhi lekar ali’. It is believed that the goddesses who visit the house in the form of Mother Lakshmi are the two sisters of Ganesha.

Abandoned with Ganesha
Who comes to his parents’ house with his children and spends some time with his brother Ganesh and other family members. When he comes home everyone in the family serves him well and prepares different kinds of food and offers it to him. According to Maharashtrian culture, when Lord Ganesha is immersed for six days, he is also immersed with him.

Good luck from turmeric kumkum
During the festival, beautiful rangolis are made at the door of the house and delicious sweets and food are also prepared. Wherever Mahalakshmi is organized, all family members and relatives gather together to worship Lakshmi and women wear navbhari saris and make up. They apply turmeric and kumkum to each other and pray to Goddess Lakshmi for each other’s good fortune.

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